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The minimalist design of the TETRA WOOD ALL desk series allows it to be integrated into both modern and classic work environments. The frame consists of a particularly beautiful mix of materials, metal and wood. Thanks to the wide variety of dimensions, the desks can be integrated both in the office and at home. They have a simple and easy way of assembly, as a total of eight (8) screws are required to attach the brackets to the already installed metal frame. The supports and side transoms are lined with beech wood which is varnished with transparent varnish.

>> Sturdy and durable construction suitable for multiple reassembly

>> Integrated cable grommets at the bottom of the work surface

>> Built-in unevenness smoothing and stability assurance regulators

>> Easy and quick assembly thanks to screwing a total of 8 screws

>> Proudly made in Greece / 5 year warranty



Work Desk
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The work desk of the TETRA series was designed to offer its customers competitive and quality products using modern technologies and first-class materials. it has all the quality parameters of DROMEAS products, while the particularly affordable price is the comparative advantage of the series against the competition, making it stand out in the demanding European markets. It has a simple and easy way of assembly, as it requires the screwing of a total of eight (8) screws, so that the legs are attached to the already installed metal frame. The legs and side traverses are lined with beech wood which is varnished with transparent varnish.

ERGONOMICS - The fixed height of 73cm. it is selectively adapted to the anatomy of the average user. At the same time, the legs of the desk have built-in regulators to smooth out uneven floors

EASY ASSEMBLY – The frame of the TETRA desk is designed in such a way that it can be assembled very easily and quickly. The metal frame comes already attached to the surface of the desk and it remains to screw a total of 8 screws, into the specially shaped nodes of the desk legs to complete the assembly

AESTHETIC EXCELLENCE – The square metal frame and clean design lines are the key features of the TETRA series. The supports and side traverses are lined with beech wood which is varnished with transparent varnish

DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE - At DROMEAS we provide a documented guarantee of the quality of our products and services. We provide a 5-year warranty on the products (exception: 2-year warranty on seat height adjustment pistons and artificial leather upholstery). We additionally provide a 7-year spare parts deposit. Quality certificates, guarantees and support services to our customers make up the " DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE"

Title File
ASSEMBLY DR-TETRA PDF - 316.83k Download
Title File
3D-DR-TETRA-800X800X730H DWG - 240.65k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-1000X800X730H DWG - 241.65k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-1200X800X730H DWG - 322.82k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-1400X800X730H DWG - 323.99k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-1600X800X730H DWG - 325.21k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-1800X800X730H DWG - 2.25M Download
3D-DR-TETRA-2000X900X730H DWG - 318.79k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-600X600X730H-EXTEN DWG - 247.43k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-800X600X730H-EXTEN DWG - 226.46k Download
3D-DR-TETRA-1800X900X730H DWG - 254.79k Download

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