Tabletop partition

Flexi melamine

Flexi tabletop partitions designed with an emphasis on aesthetics provide solutions for the configuration of the space with many possibilities for composition of dimensions, materials and colors. They consist around the perimeter of aluminum profiles with a rectangular section in natural anodization. There is the possibility of supporting auxiliary desk accessories, such as e.g. monitor arms

>> High quality construction with aluminum perimeter frame

>> Reduction of reverberation, improvement of acoustics

>> Possibility of placing auxiliary accessories, such as e.g. monitor arms

>> Proudly made in Greece / 5 years warranty


Flexi melamine

Tabletop partition
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Flexi tabletop partitions designed with an emphasis on aesthetics provide solutions for the configuration of the space with many possibilities for composition of dimensions, materials and colors.

The tabletop partitions are available in heights of 350 and 450 mm and are fixed to the desk surface by means of die-cast aluminum connectors. They can be connected to each other in the shape of a cross, T or even in a straight line. Optionally, it is possible to support auxiliary desk accessories, such as e.g. monitor arms. Suspended dividers accept E1 chipboard curtains with melamine or fabric lining, clear glass or chemical sandblasting.

SOUND ABSORPTION – Flexi partitions, lined with upholstery, offer excellent sound absorption properties (sound absorption coefficient up to 0.75, EN ISO 354:2003, ISO 11654)

ERGONOMICS – The wide variety of materials, the different heights as well as the optional rails for placing various accessories, make the Flexi series unique with a dominant feature of comfort and ergonomics in the office

AESTHETIC EXCELLENCE – Simple lines, a variety of materials and colors, noticeably upgrade the workplace

DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE - At DROMEAS we provide a documented guarantee of the quality of our products and services. We provide a 5-year product warranty (exception: 2-year warranty for seat height adjustment pistons). We additionally provide a 7-year spare parts deposit. Quality certificates, guarantees and support services to our customers make up the " DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE"

Title File
Title File
3D-FLEXI-800X350H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 131.93k Download
3D-FLEXI-800X350H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 147.5k Download
3D-FLEXI-800X350H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 158.83k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X350H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 130.5k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X350H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 143.65k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X350H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 161.81k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X350H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 128.94k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X350H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 142.92k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X350H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 160.52k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X350H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 128.87k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X350H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 141.63k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X350H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 160.65k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X350H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 124.3k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X350H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 144.12k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X350H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 160.81k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X350H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 129.75k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X350H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 141.98k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X350H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 160.37k Download
3D-FLEXI-800X450H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 131.93k Download
3D-FLEXI-800X450H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 135.04k Download
3D-FLEXI800X450H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 165.28k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X450H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 128.09k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X450H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 144.2k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X450H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 161.84k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X450H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 127.24k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X450H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 138.29k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X450H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 154.02k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X450H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 127.27k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X450H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 137.69k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X450H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 154.18k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X450H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 126.59k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X450H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 136.72k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X450H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 153.95k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X450H-PARTISION T1 DWG - 127.02k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X450H-PARTISION T2 DWG - 137.85k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X450H-PARTISION T3 DWG - 161.18k Download
3D-FLEXI-800X180H-EXTENSION DWG - 155.98k Download
3D-FLEXI-800X230H-EXTENSION DWG - 156.01k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X180H-EXTENSION DWG - 156.64k Download
3D-FLEXI-1000X230H-EXTENSION DWG - 156.97k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X180H-EXTENSION DWG - 156.77k Download
3D-FLEXI-1200X230H-EXTENSION DWG - 157.3k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X180H-EXTENSION DWG - 157.99k Download
3D-FLEXI-1400X230H-EXTENSION DWG - 157.29k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X180H-EXTENSION DWG - 147.61k Download
3D-FLEXI-1600X230H-EXTENSION DWG - 147.48k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X180H-EXTENSION DWG - 153.04k Download
3D-FLEXI-1800X230H-EXTENSION DWG - 158.11k Download

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