Office Sofas
Office Sofas


Timeless and elegant. Attention to detail, emphasis on design and elegance are found in the KRONOS salon. Its flexible and modern design can be used to create spaces that are unique

˃˃ Sturdy, quality construction

˃˃ Top comfort thanks to high density molded polyurethane cushions

>> Detachable seat fabrics for easy cleaning

˃˃ Proudly made in Greece / 5 years warranty



Office Sofas
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Timeless and elegant. Attention to detail, emphasis on design and elegance are found in the KRONOS sofa.

The seat is made of wood and the back and arms are attached to it. All elements are coated with polyurethane foam and carry upholstery of choice. Between the seat and the cushion of the sofa there is a hook-loop system (male-female hook) so that the cushion is fixed to the seat and remains in a fixed position. The seat cushion covers are removable with a zipper.

ERGONOMICS – The large gap between the floor and the living room ensures comfortable and quick cleaning

DESIGN – The KRONOS sofa creates a minimalist feel to the space. It is a timeless choice that will always put your spaces at the center of trends. It is also suitable for home use

DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE - At DROMEAS we provide a documented guarantee of the quality of our products and services. We provide a 5-year warranty on the products (exception: 2-year warranty on seat height adjustment pistons and artificial leather upholstery). We additionally provide a 7-year spare parts deposit. Quality certificates, guarantees and support services to our customers make up the " DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE"

Title File
3D-DR-KRONOS-580X780X670H-1S DWG - 1.14M Download
3D-DR-KRONOS-780X780X670H-CORNER DWG - 2.48M Download
3D-DR-KRONOS-1200Χ780Χ670Η-2S DWG - 1.7M Download
3D-DR-KRONOS-1800Χ780Χ670Η-3S DWG - 1.14M Download
3D-DR-KRONOS-2100Χ780Χ670Η-3S L DWG - 3.05M Download
3D-DR-KRONOS-2100Χ780Χ670Η-3S R DWG - 1.31M Download

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