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Lysis Plus

Affordable luxury and versatility are the irresistible features of the LYSIS PLUS executive series. The wide range of options for the composition of the office gives an air of uniqueness to you and your space. LYSIS PLUS can be a composite of melamine chipboard with glass or metal. The different materials blend together harmoniously, giving a distinctive style to the work environment

>> Possibility of combining different materials such as metal, glass, chipboard or lacquer

>> Possibility to add an extension with a glass or melamine surface, thus making ergonomics a dominant advantage

>> Possibility of placing a rosette and cable passage channel for better organization and greater security

>> Proudly made in Greece / 5 years warranty


Lysis Plus

Managerial Desk
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Base product Executive desk LYSIS PLUS €496.43
Modesty Panel Type Not selected
Product with this customization
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€496.43 €584.04
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5 year warranty
Up to 6 interest-free installments
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The Lysis Plus desk is made of 38mm chipboard lined with excellent quality melamine chipboard so that it can cope with the preferences of any demanding executive. At the same time, the modesty panel, which completes the dynamic appearance of the desk, is made of 1.5 mm thick metal or 25 mm melamine chipboard in the color of your choice. Alternatively, the modesty panel is lined with a 4 mm thick glass surface or with lacquer. In addition, the extension that can be integrated into the desk with the optional 4 mm thick glass surface creates a unique, ergonomic executive desk of high aesthetics. The overall functionality of the desk is completed by the optional rosette, painted or nickel-plated, and the cable passage channel placed under the surface.

HIGH AESTHETICS – The different combinations of materials create an office of high aesthetics. The choice of front in melamine chipboard, glass or metal combined with the optional glass surface of the extension give a modern touch and make the LYSIS PLUS executive desk irresistible

STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Made entirely from 38mm and 25mm melamine chipboard combined with the highest quality materials, and this makes it an ideal choice for your workspace

DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE - At DROMEAS we provide a documented guarantee of the quality of our products and services. We provide a 5-year warranty on the products (exception: 2-year warranty on seat height adjustment pistons and artificial leather upholstery). We additionally provide a 7-year spare parts deposit. Quality certificates, guarantees and support services to our customers make up the " DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE"

Title File
Assembly Drawing-LP-MELAMINE PDF - 219.83k Download
Assembly Drawing-LP-METALLIC PDF - 226.79k Download
Title File
3D-Drawing- DWG - 285.2k Download
3D-Drawing-2000X1000X750H DWG - 69.81k Download
3D-Drawing-1700X900X750H (LINES) DWG - 76.3k Download
3D-Drawing-2000X1000X750H DWG - 78.21k Download
3D-DR-LP 1700X900X750H-SQUARES DWG - 144.93k Download
3D-DR-LP-2000X1000X730H-SQUARES DWG - 162k Download
3D-DR-LP-1700X900X750H-GLASS DWG - 72.27k Download
3D-DR-LP-2000X1000X750H-GLASS DWG - 72.58k Download

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