Melamine Cabinets
Melamine Cabinet


High quality and aesthetic cabinets made of melamine chipboard. Thanks to the wide range of combinations of dimensions, colors and accessories, they adapt perfectly to any space and make organizing files an easy task.

>>     Variety of colors and dimensions

>>     Built-in safety lock

>>     Sturdy construction suitable for multiple reassembly



Melamine Cabinet
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Base product Βιβλιοθήκη Μελαμίνης με συρόμενες πόρτες €261.33
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Cabinets made of melamine chipboard of high aesthetics and functionality. They are available in many dimensions and color combinations, thus satisfying every demanding user. Their construction is robust and suitable for multiple reassembly. All cabinets are equipped with safety locks and height-adjustable shelves. At the same time, they are offered with melamine chipboard doors, opening, sliding or even glass doors. In addition, the variety of colors in cases and doors create elegant compositions.

All glass doors are offered with an aluminum frame in various colors and have tinted, sandblasted, transparent or painted glass. The thicknesses of all cabinets surfaces are made of 18mm melamine chipboard and the shelves of 22mm. The cabinets have leveling regulators with internal adjustment for easy access.

HIGH AESTHETICS – The high quality materials combined with the various color combinations allow the creation of pleasant and ergonomic workplaces. Additionally, by incorporating glass doors, the books and other items stored on the shelves are still visible. If you want to upgrade your interior decoration, you can't help but choose this stylish option

STURDY CONSTRUCTION – The construction is sturdy, suitable for multiple reassembly thanks to the high quality materials and the clever way they are connected

DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE - At DROMEAS we provide a documented guarantee of the quality of our products and services. We provide a 5-year warranty on the products (exception: 2-year warranty on seat height adjustment pistons and artificial leather upholstery). We additionally provide a 7-year spare parts deposit. Quality certificates, guarantees and support services to our customers make up the " DROMEAS QUALITY GUARANTEE"

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3D-DR-1200X450X900H-CAB SLIDING DWG - 340.02k Download
3D-DR-1200X450X1270H-CAB SLIDING DWG - 364.43k Download

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